Hello… Rita Nakouzi

Rita Nakouzi är trendspanare från New York. Hon har under många år varit ledande i att förutspå kommande trender. Nu har hon gått ett steg längre och lanserar sin egen publikation, SERIAL, där hon tittar på de ”tribes” som påverkar kulturen och den värld vi lever i. Hon gästar självklart The Hello Show. Hon håller i år även seminarier på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Vi som gillar Twitter kan följa henne här.

How do you think we’ll organize ourselves for the future office workplace:

We’ve been seeing a dynamic change in work offices with walls being broken down and social meeting places being integrated to allow for a more free flow of ideas and collaboration.  We’re also seeing individual offices become less often used as we find people working more virtually and having more flexibility.  The future office workplace will put emphasis on our desire to be more mobile and will function with more integration of the virtual and physical spaces that we inhabit.  There will be a further blurring between work and play and the virtual and real.

How do you create a good working environment?

A good working environment is one that gives workers the flexibility to work collaboratively but also individually. It’s about a dynamic environment that serves to nurture the need to come together but also to have the space needed to be alone with ones thought to be effective and get work done.

Give an example of  a new product you think will change our working environment in the future?

The development of Siri , the virtual assistant, by Apple is a glimpse into virtual and augmented realities that will change our working environments.  Monitorless computers that make way to holographic screens and augmented 3D realities will transform our relationship to work spaces.



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