Hello… The Organ Slayer

”I am the one and only Organslayer, slayer of organs. Sometimes, though, I play them and make a joyous noise unto the Lord before I slay them. Gotta keep my options open.”

– How do you think we will organize ourselves for the future office / workplace?

We will become more and more physically isolated as we become more and more digitally connected.  However, my office is usually a bar when I’m ”working” with organs, and since people will become more and more depressed as they become more physically isolated, they will spend more time getting ”organized” in bars.  Therefore, I will be immensely popular in the future and the leader in the workplace of the future.

– How do you create good working environment?


– Give an example of a new product you think will change our working environment in the future.

Alcohol.  Oh wait… a NEW product.  Hm… a large asteroid?  Did you mean a new man-made product though?  Hm… well, it’s nopt so much of a product, but the current ideological threat to democracies around the western world (see Hungary for best example) has a small, though real potential to unravel the past 300 years of rational thought and impose irrational religious and authoritarian based ”democracies” in several prominent nations.  I don’t think I even need to explain how that would negatively impact working environments, although more people would be depressed and hang around in- you guessed it- bars, which would again help me and my career.



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