À bientôt!

Every meeting starts with a Hello. Every great organization starts with a Hello and an idea to do something together. Be it when John hooked up Paul, Jobs got together with Woz or when Emmeline, Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst had enough of all male chauvinist pigs and decided to start the Suffargette movement and fight for women’s rights to vote.

We all have our reasons to organize ourselves, and we know that none of us are as strong as all of us. It PAYS to belong.

Hello – Anatomy of Organizations is an organization that involves over 130 individuals. All with different  professions, angles and wills. Ranging from carpenters, designers, retailers, manufacturers, planners,  trend forecasters, philosophers, producers, bosses, architects, organslayers and marketing professionals we become a unit – dedicated to visualize and discuss the future of the working environment. We overcome language barriers and professional territorial borders. Out of many we come as one and for one week we try to lift the horizon of the work space just a little bit.

All fun things must regrettably come to an end and it’s time to close the books on Hello – Anatomy of Organizations and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2012. There are so many people we would like to thank, so many favors that we’re grateful for. And rather than saying good-bye, we say ”À bientôt”.

See you next year.

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// Sanna Gebeyehu & Johan Riddarström / Hello -Anatomy of Organizations

(However, before that we take a moment to look back on the project and some of the people involved)

Part 1 – The construction of Hello!

Ronnie, Christian & Fredrik aka dreamteam FRC Entreprenad

Christian & Janne building two houses at once

Fredrik & Janne get a helping hand from ”Kylan” (Google Translate : ”The cold”)

The wire guy 😉

Sanna Gebeyehu says Hello!

Monica Förster, designer extraordinaire at location

Johan Riddarström & Adam Horvat putting carpet on the floor in the ”lungs”.

Adam Horvat looking for tools in the dark.

Our carpenters final touch on the Hello Show stage

”All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” 

Part 2 – Some of the other people involved in the Hello-project

Stefan Nilsson & Sanna Gebeyehu

Mark Isitt & Sanna Gebeyehu

Ferda Kolatan,  from the architect and design studio su11 in NY and guest in the Hello Show with Sanna Gebeyehu

Mats Grahn, Technical department Stockholmsmässan, Anna Stenroth, Coordinator & Sales Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Lina Åkerlund Riddarström, Event Coordinator Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Dan Andersson, producer from Brickpark. Incharge of the film crew for Hello and Design Week

Johan Riddarström, Planner Hello!

Agnetha Stake, Ceo NOLA & Ewa Kumlin aka Fru Form, Ceo Svensk Form

John Ruokokoski, Vivid Works

Sven Jansson, Market manager,Vitra

Peter Jiseborn, CEO Swedese

Marianne Dahl, Manager Product Development, European Furniture Group

Maria Olsson, InterfaceFLOR

Åsa van Drumpt, Marketing Director Abstracta

Agneta Ferfeldt, Vitra

Cecilia Nyberg, Event manager Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Part 3 – Some of the action from The Hello Show

Elin Wickström is the marketing director at STRUKTUR, our official partner in the Hello! project.

 The Hello Show attracted a big crowd every day with it´s spot on topics and perfect location as a part of the Hello exhibition at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

In the first show of the week our host Mark Isitt moderated the topic “Tools for organizations – Building the modern work place”. Guests on stage- Ferda Kolatan (architect, su11), Susanna Toivanen (senior lecturer in sociology), Johanna Olsen (interior architect, Struktur), Oscar Hafvenstein (Boys Don’t Cry and The Power of X) and Burkhard Remmers (international communication, Wilkhahn).

Burkhard Remmers demonstrates the ON Swivelchair by bursting out in spontaneous dancing. 

Burkhard and Susanna exchanging business cards. In her right hand Susanna has the official Hello-guest-gift…

… the homemade fudge from ”Pärlans Konfektyr”. Probably the best fudge… in the world… (the last three words should be in a Jeremy Clarkson-voice)

Hello Show Crowd- Our very special one man band, The Organ Slayer, got the Hello Show audience in the right mood…

…Each song was specially picked for every session of The Hello Show. Organslayed versions of ”Faith” and ”Ice, Ice Baby” went down good with the crowd.

Case study : The office of an Organslayer.

Rita Nakouzi, trend forecaster, and Stefan Nilsson enjoying The Organ Slayers’ take on ”Lovely Rita” by The Beatles. Rita opened the shows on Thursday and Friday by introducing the topic of each session. Follow Rita on twitter!

The Thursday edition of The Hello Show ”Energized employees – Healthy business” with Daniel Odelstad, dj and  organizer for Lunchbeat, Emma Pihl professional coach, lecturer and author och Lisa Wacklin, founder of Greenwork.

Daniel Odelstad from Lunchbeat relaxing in The VIP Bar.

Jens Lanvin, future analyst, finding pleasure in a bit of ”now” before the friday AM-session of The Hello Show

Thomas Herrström,Teacher and Curator at Department of Industrial Design, Konstfack, Oscar Hafvenstein, architect, organizational strategist, Karolina Mölldal, Project Manager, Struktur and Jens Lanvin, future analyst discuss The evolution of collaborations. Stefan Nilsson as host.

Post-Hello Show talks with Oscar.

Ferda Kolatan, Hello Show guest from N.Y., dancing in the installation made by Dahl agenturer. A nice picture to close this post with.

À bientôt!



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